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With the help of dedicated volunteers we change the lives of both dogs and people with disabilities. Each year our program rescues, raises and trains 5-8 dogs over the course of the year. Without the dedication of people like you would could not change the lives of so many dogs and people.  Read on to learn about the ways you can help.

Operations Support:

People with special skills to help with things like fundraising, event planning and orchastrating and day to day operations help us move our charity forward.

Support is welcome in:

Accounting Services,

Legal Services,

Marketing & Business Services (Social media and Newsletters),

Transportation Services


Leash of hope greatly relies on foster familys to give future service dogs the best start in preparation for their careers. Prior to a dog becoming the beautifully trained companion that you didn’t even notice under the table at your favourite restaurant, that was a cute little rambunctious puppy! Foster familys give 4-10 months of love, training and exposure with the guidance of trainers. As each individual dog grows we begin to see what career they are destined for, whether it be helping someone with low vision,, mobility challanges or autism. Though the end of the journey for a foster can be hard, seeing that pup fullfill its purpose and change someone’s life makes it all worth it.

All Fosteres are equipped will the supplies needed to raise the puppy. At no point is a foster required to cover any expenses. Each puppy has a training and care profile taylored to its needs. Depending on the dog’s level of training, fosters will be provided with an in training cape for public entry as the dog progresses in the program. We welcome foster familys who have other pets and kids. Duration of fostering is set by the participant. LOH has a supportive community that is there to help!


*To particiapte as a foster you will be required to complete a foster application and orientation. *Fosters must attend weekly training sessions. (as per your schedule)

*Committ to integrating the dog into your day to day.
*Must be capable of fully caring for the dog and following through with training

*Must have a cell phone and either a computer or tablet

Day  Handlers:

Can’t foster but still want to come help and play with dogs?

We enlist the help of day handlers to take dogs to the park or go on outings when their fosters need a little help.

Sometimes the clients who have been placed with dogs need help giving their dog some exercise, if you like to hike a LOH dog makes a great hiking buddy.


Junior trainer program:
With Parental consent youth ages 13-18 can help raise a puppy to be a service dog for a child or youth with a disability. Junior trainers will be expended to attend training and put the dog through their dailly paces including school work and recreational activities. This program is extremely rewarding while practicing skillfulness.

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