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When you apply for a service dog from our program you are applying for a life changing companionship like no other. This process is not immediate and requires an immense amount of patience as we work to review and assess, match and place you with the most suitable partner.  The process will definitely come with some challenges as you will be learning to work alongside a living, breathing four legged helpmate. We strive to ensure that the client, dogs and public are safe. As such this is why we have very stringent approval process around our accepted clients (both children and adults) and who can be accepted into the owner assisted trained program.  


Ready to get started? 

Take Our Self Assessment to see if you qualify for our program before you start the application process. If you are unsure of whether or not a service or guide is suitable tool for your lifestyle and needs, this quiz can help you determine if you are a candidate. This quiz has been devised based on industry standards to ensure the safety and welfare of the dog, the public and the handler. 

The Application Process 

If you have successfully completed the self assessment and are ready to start on a formal application you will need to complete the below components:

  1. General Information Form and Personal letter.  This letter is your explanation of how you feel a service or guide dog will impact your life and a way for us to to get to know you.

  2. Medical Recommedation. This form can be completed by any medical practioner who is a part of your team that knows and helps you manage your condition. 

  3. Personal Character References (x3) 

  4. Program Fundraising Agreement 

  5. Canine Medical Assessment (for owner assisted applicants only) 

  6. Parent Medical Recommendation (for applicants under 18)

Once the above application components have been completed they must be submitted with a $50 non-refundable application processing fee. Once your application has been reviewed in full our team will be in touch within 10 business days to complete a phone interview. 

Applicants Should Note: 
- Incomplete applications will not be proceeded and will only be held for 6 months before they are discarded 
- Alternative personal letter formats such as videos, audio files or any other creative forms WILL be accepted. 
- Only One Applicant per full application. A single application submission cannot be used for multiple people or children. 

Upload Complete Application Here!
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